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Sony planning 3G camera?

Sony could be planning a camera with a 3G Internet connection. Are connected cameras the future?

Sony could be planning a 3G camera. Gdgt reports that unnamed sources within Sony are working on a Cyber-shot camera that can wirelessly connect to the Internet via the 3G phone network.

That means you could be out and about with your new Cyber-shot, like the new DSC-WX10 or DSC-HX9V, and you'd be able to upload pictures directly to Facebook, Flickr or Twitter from wherever you are.

We reported last year that phone network 3 and manufacturer Samsung were considering a 3G camera. Samsung already makes the ST5500 and ST1000 cameras with Wi-Fi. There is a selection of wireless cameras on shop shelves, but they haven't really taken off. It seems that GPS is the current favourite new technology, as seen in new cameras like the Olympus TG-810 or Canon PowerShot SX230 HS.

Wi-Fi is faster than 3G for uploading and downloading, but you need to be connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. 3G is available everywhere -- in theory -- so you could upload and email pictures as you walk around. We could even see smart-phone functions on a camera-like device, meaning you could have a decent camera and a decent phone without having two gadgets filling your pockets.

Imagine surfing the Web on your camera, perhaps to find information about the place you're photographing. The disadvantage is the battery could run out of juice even if you aren't using the camera. And of course, you'd have to pay for a data plan.

You can turn any camera into a Wi-Fi camera by slotting in an Eye-Fi memory card. It's a normal SD memory card, but it also transmits your pictures over a wireless connection to the Internet or by email. Which is clearly impossible, and therefore the only possible explanation is magic.

Would you like a 3G camera? Do you want the option to post pictures to the Web instantly, or do you prefer to take them home and edit them? Let us know in the comments.