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Sony paints the PSP blue

New blindingly blue PlayStation Portable indicates the PSP is still attracting consumers in Japan.

Did someone smush a Smurf into the paint used during the PSP coloring process? SCEJ

Time just keeps ticking for the aging PlayStation Portable, as Sony released a new color variant for the gaming handheld in Japan earlier this week.

A value pack containing the new two-tone sky and marine blue PSP doesn't offer anything different from the 3-year-old PSP-3000. We admire the stylish contrast between the two different shades of blue, and minor details like the yellow text on the front looks swell.

The package includes a 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo storage card, a soft shell zipper case, blue cleaning cloth, and other essentials. Don't expect to see this very blue PSP here in the States when it debuts in Japan on April 26.

The PSP already comes in dozens of shades, leading one to wonder how many color variations we'll see for the PlayStation Vita years after its release.

The contents of the value pack. SCEJ

(Via AV Watch