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Sony paints super slim PS3 in red and blue

A mere week after introduction of a white super slim PlayStation 3, Sony unveils several more colors of the aging gizmo to entice gamers.

The blue super slim PlayStation 3 breaks away from the anemic world of black electronics. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan

The world isn't black and white anymore for the super slim PS3.

Sony's Japanese PlayStation division released information today about several new color options -- Azurite Blue and Garnet Red -- coming soon to the CECH-4000 series PlayStation 3. The reveal follows a German Amazon listing for the same variations that appeared last week.

As with any multi-territory release, what exactly prospective buyers of the new PS3 colors get depends on the region. For example, the European red and blue super slim PS3 packages cost 329.95 Euro ($439) and feature built-in 500GB hard drive, two color-matching Dualshock 3 controllers, and a February 20 release date. In contrast, the Japanese red and blue super slim PS3 runs for 24,980 yen ($278) while only offering a 250GB hard drive and one color-matching controller -- as well as a February 28 release date.

It's fair to say that when and if these colorful PS3 gaming consoles come to the U.S., the packages may likely cost around the $299 baseline seen at retail. Sony did not immediately respond to a request for comment on availability of the red and blue PS3 in the States, but we'll update this post with their response.

You'd probably be able to see this thing from a country mile away. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan