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Sony outs two 'dumb' sound bars for 2019

Sony has announced two new audio products at CES 2019, the Atmos-compatible X8500 and the 350 Watt HT-S350 sound bars.


The HT-S350 comes with a wireless subwoofer.


Sony has announced two new sound bars for 2019 -- a model with Dolby Atmos compatibility and one without.

The X8500 is a 2.1-channel single sound bar with dual built-in "subwoofers" and the ability to simulate Atmos effects with its Vertical Surround Engine. The sound bar also includes other sound options including Cinema Mode, Game Mode and vocal enhancement.

Connectivity includes HDMI eARC support for compatible televisions such as the 2019 Sony range in addition to Bluetooth.


The new HT-S350 sound bar includes a wireless subwoofer and a claimed 320 watts of power. Unlike competitors which now use DTS Virtual:X, the HT-S350 uses Sony's proprietary S-Force Pro Front Surround technology. The sound bar uses the existing HDMI ARC connection and also carries Bluetooth.

Sony isn't announcing any "smart" audio products at the show, unlike LG and Klipsch with their smart sound bars.

Pricing and availability of the two models has yet to be announced.

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