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Sony outs TV episode downloads for PlayStation 3

You can now download TV shows through your PS3, so get watching and let us know what you make of the service.

If you own a PS3, you can now download TV shows via the PlayStation Network Video Store, The Next Web reports.

About time, some might say, seeing as you've been able to via iTunes for what feels like decades. There's been no official announcement yet, but it looks like the result of a deal between Sky and Sony.

You can download individual episodes of US shows like Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, South Park, and Two and a Half Men. But you can't download full series as yet, just individual episodes at a time, despite every episode of the series being available. The selection seems a little unfinished too, with series one and six of 24 available, but nothing in between or after, reports. Strange. That might explain why there's not been an announcement yet.

Episodes are priced between £1.49 and £2.49 each, and are available in SD or HD. Once downloaded they're yours to keep -- there doesn't seem to be a rental option yet.

It does seem strange to put out a service if it's not finished without an announcement, we'll bring you more as soon as we hear anything.

Xbox Live is due to get an update on 6 December, bringing plenty of new features. Cloud Storage will let you save games as well as your Live profile in cyberspace, saving space on your hard drive. Social network sharing will also be there, enhanced family settings, and integrated voice and gesture controls. Bing voice search should also provide Siri-style spoken controls.

Customised apps for TV, movies, Internet videos, sports and music should also be on the bill, provided by a host of third-party companies.

So the big question: can Sony's PlayStation Network Video Store compete? Let us know what you reckon either below or over on our Facebook page.