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Sony offers repairs for Cyber-shot DSC-T5

Sony has announced that it is offering repairs for the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T5.

If you have a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T5, then...well, you should probably get a new camera. But if you want to keep the gadget around, you should be aware of Sony's latest announcement. Apparently, some DSC-T5s' metal casings have a tendency to warp and form a dangerous edge on the camera. Sony's now offering free casing repairs to owners of over 400,000 DSC-T5s. If your T has a serial number between 3010001 and 3081200, Sony will replace the metal plate with one that won't bend and potentially lacerate you. For more details on the repair plan (Sony isn't calling this a product recall), go to Sony's service site.

Of course, the DSC-T5 is nearly two years old now, and frankly, it didn't score too well when we reviewed it in 2005. If your camera's warped, you might want to just chuck it and get a replacement, like the far superior Cyber-shot DSC-T100.