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Sony offers multi-tasking photo frame in Japan

But even Wi-Fi and MP3s may not be worth the $286 price.

Sony Japan

Given the apparent glut in digital picture frames, it behooves manufacturers to try something different when entering this packed market. So Sony Japan deserves at least a bit of credit for offering a multi-functional version.

The VGF-CP1 can play MP3s, has 512MB of memory, and is capable of receiving news feeds and downloading photos from online albums through a Wi-Fi connection, according to Newlaunches. And unlike those lame analog "Photo Frame Speakers," it has a pair built into the frame around its 7-inch screen.

The downside is its price: Sony is releasing it on the Japanese market for 30,000 yen, or about $286. For that kind of money, the least they could do is include an alarm clock.