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Sony offers a few minor laptop updates, finally puts the Vaio SE on sale

We reviewed the 15-inch Vaio SE a few weeks ago, but weren't sure until today exactly when it would be available to buy.

Sony's Vaio SE is now available to order.

It's a rare occurrence, but we do occasionally get our hands on a review sample for a product without knowing its final for-sale date. Such was the case with the 15.5-inch Sony Vaio SE, an upscale midsize laptop with both a discrete GPU and IT-friendly components (a TPM chip, for example), that impressed us when we reviewed it during the first week of September. At the time, we said of it: "At $999, the Vaio SE is playing in pretty crowded territory, and we'd put it in the same league as the Dell XPS 15z or the HP Envy 14--all upscale midsize laptops that mix high style with high performance."

As of this morning, Sony says the new Vaio SE is now officially for sale, joining the existing 13.3-inch Vaio SA model (and another sister unit, the Vaio SB, is getting some a new color option, a very un-Vaio-like red).

Among the other minor Vaio updates announced today, Sony says the multimedia-friendly Vaio F and Vaio L systems (the former is a laptop, the latter an all-in-one desktop), will now include a free software package called Sony Imagination Studio: Multimedia Edition. That packs in Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum, Sound Forge Audio Studio, and Acid Music Studio (we personally used Sound Forge and Acid extensively several years back and found them to be very useful for audio production).

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