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Sony NW-A1200 available for preorder in the United States

Sony NW-A1200 available for preorder in the United States

And it's about time, too. We've been inquiring about this MP3 player, known to us originally as the Sony NW-A1000, since it was released in Asia early this year--but to no avail. Even as recently as two weeks ago, Sony reps weren't "ready to talk about that yet." Lo and behold, Sony has quietly made an updated version of the A1000, the A1200, available for preorder on the U.S. Web site. The main improvement to the device seems to be the addition of 2GB--the A1000 has 6GB, while the A1200 has 8GB. Also, Sony initially released the A1200 in only two colors--pink and violet--whereas the A100 is available in six: silver, gold, black, pink, purple, and blue. For more information, check out the Sony NW-A1000 review that we borrowed from CNET Asia.