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Blu-ray Players

Sony now offers higher-end 4K player with Dolby Vision at CES 2019

Sony says its update to the X800 4K Blu-ray player, the M2, will now include support for the Dolby Vision HDR standard.


With Oppo bowing out of the race in 2018, Sony is one of the only manufacturers still catering to the high end when it comes to 4K Blu-ray players. With the new X800M2, announced here at CES, it also fixes something the company left out of the original X800: Dolby Vision.

While the cheaper X700 offered it (and hence earned our recommendation instead) the expected Dolby Vision update skips the X800 and comes to the new M2 instead.

Dolby Vision is one of several competing standards of High Dynamic Range (HDR) video, which aims to increase picture quality through increased colors and contrast in 4K movies.

The new X800M2 supports 4K Ultra HD playback, HDR10, Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) in addition to 4K upscaling. Like the original, the player supports Hi-Res Audio and DSD as well as SACD/DVD-A. The Sony will also support 4K streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube, though it's unclear if it also supports HDR streaming. Unlike the X1000, the X800M2 offers digital outputs only.

Pricing and availability is yet to be announced.

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