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Sony next with Windows 7 multitouch all-in-one

Sony announces new touch-capable Windows 7 all-in-one

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Coming in right after Gateway, Sony announced its own multitouch-capable all-in-one this evening, by way of the Vaio L Series. Starting at $1,300, the 24-inch Vaio L is a continuation of the Vaio LV series that impressed us earlier this year. Sony will offer plenty of options for this system, including Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional when the system goes on sale in November.

Like the old Vaio LV, the L Series has made multimedia entertainment its focus. A Blu-ray burner option lets you watch HD movies at full 1080p resolution thanks to the 24-inch display. Sony has also kept the VESA-compatabile wall-mounting hub, and the HDMI input with a dedicated button for easy signal swapping. You can also opt for a TV tuner, and a quad-core Intel CPU. Wireless networking and a Geforce GT210M graphics chip come standard.


If you're wondering about the touch input, Sony, like Gateway, has taken a restrained approach. The Vaio L does include a few touch-specific applications for making photo albums and editing video, but in talking with Sony about this system a few weeks ago, we were told that it has no illusions about a multitouch revolution, at least yet. Based on the core multimedia features and large screen, Sony seems to be sticking with what it's done in the past. Fortunately, it's done that well.