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Sony needs help naming its pink balls

Attention wordsmiths. Sony wants assistance coming up with a name for its new ball-shaped portable Bluetooth speaker.

The Sony SRS-BTV5 portable speaker features Bluetooth, NFC, and 5-hour battery life. Sony

It's not every day the president of Sony writes a blog post headlined "Help Sony's President Name His Pink Audio Balls."

What balls are we talking about? Today, Sony U.S. President Phil Molyneux took to the company's official blog and asked the Internet to leave a comment with a new name for the anemic-sounding SRS-BTV5 Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Speaker. If he likes the name, he'll push it through as the product's new moniker. The people behind the top five names get free -- ahem -- balls.

"In my 25 years with Sony, we've tended to drift away from some of the more clever and catchy product names like Walkman," Molyneux said in the post. Molyneux noted that setbacks from trademarks, international laws, and focus group testing, as well as packaging considerations, can turn the simple idea of naming a product into a rather difficult endeavor -- an endeavor that in some cases can include more than 600 names from the get-go.

This isn't the first time Molyneux has made a humorous reference to the round speaker. He made a similar statement upon announcing the product at CES: "I carry my pink balls with me wherever I go." The remark inspired chuckles and confused looks from the crowd media types at the event.

Sony plans black and white variants of the $69 audio ball, which arrive along with the pink version on March 5. I can only imagine the feedback Molyneux would receive if the blog post contained either of two other shades in the title.

The "Help us with a Name" contest runs through March 8.