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Sony Music Unlimited service to stream tunes to Xperia Play, Arc, PSP and NGP

Sony is bringing its Music Unlimited cloud service to a fistful of handheld devices, letting you stream music to your Sony Ericsson Xperia Play or Xperia Arc phone, and PSP or NGP handheld console.

Sony is bringing its Music Unlimited cloud service to a fistful of handheld devices. Soon you'll be able to stream music to your Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and Xperia Arc phones, and PSP and NGP handheld consoles.

The improbably named 'Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity' service will zap music through the air to your phone or portable games console. You'll be able to choose from your own music or the Music Unlimited catalogue.

Music Unlimited -- or Qriocity or whatever the heck it's called -- currently streams music to the PlayStation 3. You can listen to the music from your hard drive streamed to your phone when you're out and about, or listen to music in the Qriocity catalogue. It costs £4 per month for the basic service and £10 if you want more channels and playlists, and on-demand listening.

The service will first arrive on the current PSP, and may then appear on more Android-based Sony Ericsson phones. There's no confirmed date for its arrival but Sony says it'll be a matter of weeks.

This is a good example of the different parts of Sony talking to each other -- something that doesn't always happen. Just yesterday, Sony managed to hold the launch parties for Qriocity and the Xperia Play on the same night, forcing the tech press to make a difficult choice -- we went to the one that didn't involve Eliza Doolittle.

All of the drunkards on Crave attended the launch of the Xperia Play yesterday, alongside pop sensashun Tinchy Stryder. The Play throws a heck of a party, even if it is having problems making it into shops today -- maybe it was too hungover this morning, hit snooze and went back to bed. We recommend Berocca and a pub lunch -- that sorted us out a treat.

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