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Sony Music reportedly signs Adele for record £90M

The British pop star could make history if she puts pen to paper on the Sony contract.


The Grammy Award-winning singer is in demand.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Pop star Adele is reportedly saying hello to a new home at Sony Music after landing a record deal with the label worth a reported £90 million (around $130 million).

Adele's contract with her original label XL has expired, which has given Sony the opportunity to sign the star, marking the biggest deal in British music history, according to The Sun.

"We've secured Adele, who's ­without doubt the biggest music star in a generation," the UK tabloid's anonymous source at Sony Music reportedly said. "The deal is being worked on by our Columbia label in the US, but is worth £90 million and gives Sony the rights to release her future music exclusively around the world."

Sony Music did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The contract would more than double Adele's estimated £85 million fortune and would make her the most valuable woman in music history, topping the £70 million deal awarded to Whitney Houston by Arista in 2001.

A spokeswoman for Adele declined to comment.