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Sony MDR-EX700LP sound-isolating earphones: We're moist

Sony's new MDR-EX700LP sound-isolating earphones cost £200 but are set to take on Shure's highest-end 'phones, and we think they stand a chance. Want to know why?

Any regular Crave reader will know that we're obsessed with new and exciting headphones and earphones. The last pair we looked at from Sony were the PFR-V1s -- the wilfully sadistic modernist model we took to the streets of London to torture gather the opinions of Mr and Mrs Joe Public.

But today we're excited about Sony's new £200 MDR-EX700LP sound-isolating 'phones. Inside each earpiece is a whopping 16mm full-range driver, offering -- we're told -- crystal clear sound and booming bass. And the specs seem to support this claim, with frequency response rated at 4Hz-28kHz -- one of the widest ranges we've seen on an earphone.

They're fairly lightweight, built with magnesium enclosures, fit the iPhone and come with seven differently sized pairs of sound-isolating silicon tips. On the inside are curious multilayer diaphragms to ensure faithful reproduction of hi-fi sound qualities. We're very keen to see just how faithful to our favourite recordings Sony's high-end beauties are, and you can expect our thoughts and views in a full ears-on report soon.

In the meantime we're going to let these chaps burn in for a few days. Will they end up knocking Shure's SE530s from their podium? We'll be putting them head-to-head for some earphone bitchslappery. This could get messy.

Oh hey, if you're in the market for ultra-expensive headphones, don't miss our recent round-up. -Nate Lanxon

Update: Read our full Sony MDR-EX700LP review here.