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Sony line show: new DVD recorders

Sony line show: new DVD recorders

Sony's Vegas line show today didn't include mention of a successor to the company's most expensive and full-featured DVD recorder, the RDR-VX715, but it gave details on a couple of lower-end models. The basic, entry-level RDR-GX330 ($230, April) will replace the RDR-GX315, offering essentially the same feature set but adds chasing playback, a feature found on many other DVD decks that lets you watch the beginning of a show while the end is still recording.

Sony also announced a pair of DVD/VCR combo decks. The Sony RDR-VX530 ($350, June), successor to the RDR-VX515, can record VHS tapes to DVD, while the SLV-D570H ($170, July) is simply a DVD player and VCR in the same chassis. It features the increasingly ubiquitous HDMI output, however, for upscaling DVDs to higher resolutions.