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Sony Line Show 2007: Complete coverage

Wall-to-wall coverage of Sony's 2007 TV, home theater, digital camera, and mobile product announcements.

Sony logo

Fans of Sony products are often disappointed at the January Consumer Electronics Show to discover that the company doesn't have very much to say. Sure, there's a big Sony booth and a handful of token product announcements and press releases, but it's always small potatoes compared to the dozens of new items on display from competitors such as Samsung, Philips, and Panasonic. But that's entirely by design: rather than get lost in the CES maelstrom, Sony opts to launch its new line of products at its own Sony-only line show. We've got complete coverage of all the new crave-worthy devices, including everything from giant-screen HDTVs to digital cameras. Read on:

Sony breeds bevies of Bravias
Sony's SXRD HDTVs: Black ops again
Sony slims 1080p LCD rear-projection TVs
Sony issues $300 B.I.L.: more details on Bravia Internet Link
Photos: Sony Line Show 2007 TVs

Home theater and home audio
New Sony Blu-ray player--the full details
Sony bows trio of Bravia home theater systems
New Sony home theater systems for 2007
Sony RHT-G800: home-theater-in-a-TV-stand
Sony's 2007 line of A/V receivers
New Sony shelf systems with Bluetooth
Sony Muteki do-it-yourself DJ systems
Photos: Sony Line Show 2007 home theater gear

Digital cameras
New Sony superzooms
Sony Cyber-shot cameras: Now in high-def!
Photos: Sony line show 2007 digital cameras

Sony releases MEX-BT2500 entry-level Bluetooth car stereo