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Sony laptop cuts keyboard in half

Odd design is apparently meant for small spaces.


There are plenty of products on the market designed specifically to squeeze into tight spaces, but their designs usually don't require major amputation. Sony has apparently taken that drastic surgical step, however, to a new laptop model headed for the Korean market.

The most notable--and possibly disturbing--aspect of the latest version of Sony's LJ Series is its keyboard, which appears to be about half the size it should be. That means that, when closed, the keyboard doesn't appear to even cover the 15.4-inch screen. Presumably there will be some kind of casing that will protect the LCD, as Pocket-lint says, but it still looks weird either way.

If you're a road warrior who lives on airplanes, however, a laptop like this might make some sense. As for what's under the hood, it has a Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of memory, a 200GB hard drive, and built-in Webcam.