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Sony issues $300 B.I.L.

Sony announces pricing and availability for its Bravia Internet Link.

The Bravia Internet Video Link, available in June for $300, snaps onto the rear of compatible Sony TVs. CNET Networks

We first reported on and picked apart Sony's Bravia Internet Link, or B.I.L., at CES 2007 in January, but the company took until now to officially divulge pricing and availability details. The module, which is compatible with the company's 2007 LCD rear-projection and flat-panel HDTVs also announced today, will retail for $300 and ship in June. The Link enables the TV to browse a closed garden of Sony-sanctioned delights (or a Pan's Labyrinth, depending on your point of view) that consists of "Internet video content, including high-definition programming, from providers like AOL, Yahoo! and Grouper, as well as Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony BMG Music," according to the press release. As we mentioned at CES, it has some tough competition.