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Sony is finally going to let you change that awful PSN name

The feature will be available to all PS4 users in early 2019.


You'll soon be able to change your PlayStation Network ID.

Tomohiro Ohsumi / Getty Images

If you've been itching to change the PlayStation Network name that you once thought was so cool, your chance is finally coming.

Sony will soon start testing a feature to let you do just that as part of the PlayStation Preview Program, the company said Wednesday in a blog post. Your first name change would be free, but subsequent changes would run you $9.99. If you're a member of PlayStation Plus, that charge would be $4.99. 

The feature is then expected to become available to all PS4 users in early 2019.

Reactions to the blog post reflected the relief of some players.

"Great, I have a really old account I became ashamed of using while playing multiplayer games because of the immaturity of the ID itself," HalfMileRide said. "I made it 10 years ago when I was a very immature 12 year old."

"As someone who's had his PSN ID since launch when he was just a kid … thank you. Thank you, Sony. *breaks down in relieved tears*," FxxkImAwesome said