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Sony hearts its 'Red Collection' notebook

A special package for Valentine's Day, of course.


Just after Dell and Microsoft introduced a line of crimson PCs for (Product) Red, Sony is using the same color for its own limited-edition laptops--but for Valentine's Day instead.

Despite the unfortunate juxtaposition of the two campaigns, Sony can hardly be singled out for the superficial marketing ploy of its "Red Collection." February is barely a week away, and companies will be coming out in droves to peddle their wares as Valentine gifts. (Apple announced its own entry with a new Nano, albeit pink instead of red.)

Sony's offering is a $1,000 package that comprises a Vaio CR Series notebook with a 14-inch LCD, Intel Dual-Core processor, 1GB of memory, 200GB hard drive, and built-in Webcam--all in "sangria red, the color of passion." Also included are a matching mouse and case, as well as a Dooney & Burke keychain with heart-shaped charms, according to GeekSugar. We would have settled for the sangria alone--in a pitcher.