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Sony handhelds to take on the iPad and iPhone: What features do you want to see?

Sony's apparently releasing a range of products aimed at competing with Apple's iPad and iPhone. What features would you like to see in Sony's rival devices?

The Wall Street Journal claims today that Sony is gearing up to release a range of products aimed at challenging Apple's iPad and iPhone. Reportedly, threatened by Apple's growth in the portable-device market, Sony is now working on a series of handheld devices, including a smart-phone capable of downloading and playing videogames.

We know many of you were slightly disappointed when the iPad was announced. We want you to name five features omitted on the iPad or iPhone that Sony could include to give its gadgets a chance of succeeding. When the list is complete, we'll sell it to Sony and live like kings on a tropical island.

CNET UK's five features that would make contenders out of Sony's mystery devices are:

  • An HDMI port for hooking the iPad rival up to a TV or projector
  • The ability to make calls -- a feature notably absent from the iPad
  • Multi-tasking chops -- we're frustrated by only being able to run one app at a time on the iPhone, and the iPad is set to be no different
  • Expandable memory
  • A removal battery

Get listing!