Sony Google TV update coming soon

Despite lackluster fanfare, the software developers at Sony seemingly remain committed to adding value to the company's existing Google TV devices.

Sony Google TV devices are over a year old and are still getting updates. Photo by Christopher MacManus/CNET

A tweet from the official Google TV twitter account indicates that a noteworthy update's coming to Sony's Google TV devices.

When the update lands this week, owners of the NSZ-GT1 Google TV/Blu-ray player will be able to watch 3D Blu-ray movies through the device. The new firmware update also speeds up the Google Chrome browser implemented in the aforementioned Internet TV box and Sony's short-lived NSX-24GT1, NSX-32GT1, NSX-40GT1, and NSX-46GT1 televisions with Google TV built-in. We assume the next generation of Sony Google TV devices (NSZ-GS7 and NSZ-GP9) will ship with this new functionality.

There's no word on whether the Chrome update will come to the discontinued Logitech Revue. With Logitech's history of cold-shouldering the device, it wouldn't surprise us if the company abandons any plans for future updates.

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