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Sony goes to the matte with cheapest 2011 3D LED

The picture quality of Sony's KDL-EX720 shows some flaws, but its efficiency, design, and well-stocked feature list will win plenty of converts.

The Sony KDL-EX720 series' matte screen heightens its appearance in bright rooms. Sarah Tew/CNET

Sony's KDL-EX720 series represents the least-expensive model in the company's 2011 TV lineup with 3D and a 240Hz refresh rate--both bullet points that the less-expensive KDL-EX620 series lacks. It's also Sony's highest-end 2011 TV to use a matte-screen finish--not a bullet point, but something we really appreciate. The latter helps improve image quality in bright rooms, but overall the EX720's strongest suits have little to do with the picture. Those include miserly power use, extensive Internet content options, and a competitive price compared with other active 3D-compatible LED-based LCD TVs.

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