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Sony goes rock-bottom with MP3 playback

Sony goes rock-bottom with MP3 playback

All tech-savvy drivers want their car stereos to play MP3 CDs and have a hookup for an MP3 player. Sony shows that it gets this market with the launch of four new car-stereo head units. The bottom-end one, the CDX-GT110, sells for about $80 and has an auxiliary input on the faceplate. And of course, it plays MP3 CDs. The top of the line of the newly announced head units, the CDX-GT510, retails for about $140 and not only has the MP3 player jack on the faceplate, but plays CDs with MP3-, WMA-, and AAC- (iTunes-) formatted songs. It's also satellite ready, has dual preamp outputs, and can control a CD changer. The two middle units, the CDX-GT210 and CDX-GT310, have features in between the top and bottom units. While iPod integration would be a nice add-on, these head units should meet the needs of anyone with a hard drive full of MP3s.

Correction: The CDX-GT110 does not play MP3 CDs, just Redbook CDs. Sony makes an adaptor that adds iPod integration to some of these units.