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Sony goes multicoloured: CP-E MP3 player

Do your friends laugh at you when you pull out your monochrome-screened Network Walkman? Feel ashamed no longer, Sony has gone all colourful!

You would have thought a television manufacturer would have no problem making the transition from black and white to colour screens, but the CP-E (pictured) is Sony's first deadly serious colour MP3 player.

Previously we've seen novelty colour models like the VGF-AP1L VAIO, famously known as the 'back breaker' on account of its brick-like size. Other nicknames for this ancient player were the 'multi-nippler' -- it featured an odd, dimpled touchpad.

The CP-E's OLED screen is 38mm diagonally, making the whole unit more or less swallowable at 45 by 76mm. That's roughly the size of a book of matches. No details on the thickness yet -- but ideally it'll be less than a metre.

This technicolour sucker can play WMA and MP3 format audio files, and displays JPEG and BMP format graphics. As the keen-eyed will have noticed from the picture, the CP-E includes voice recording features. There's also an FM tuner and recorder. Sony says that the player will be available in red, gold, silver and black in 256MB (£57), 512MB (£72) and 1GB (£86) versions. At present there's no information on a release date, but if your Chinese is up to scratch you can get more information here. -CS