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Sony goes berserk with future gaming controller

What makes this wand-like controller special is its modular design for various configurations--side-by-side piggybacks, plus possibly a sponge ball add-on.

Sony controller patent

If you find many of Wii remote's attachments (such as fishing rods and tennis rackets) unconventional, wait till you check out what Sony Computer Entertainment has detailed in its latest patent. The application documents an "expandable control device via hardware attachment" with the unmistakable square, triangle, circle, and cross buttons unique to all PlayStation game consoles. What makes this wand-like controller special, though, is its modular design for various configurations illustrated above.

These include side-by-side piggybacks in figure 7A and 7B, plus possibly a sponge ball add-on for figure 7C. Other options range from a baseball bat to end-to-end connection to form a longer stick in figure 6B.

Lastly, there's a diagram that illustrates vibration capability, with further mention of wireless connectivity, accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer included in the lengthy write-up. I guess Sony is still game for a physical controller, while Microsoft goes high-tech with its "Project Natal" motion-gesturing technology.

If you're patient enough to read the details, head here to see the online U.S. patent filing.

(Source: Crave Asia via Kotaku)