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Sony gets the crowd to shoot its Xperia Ion promo

The music video for Metric's new single "Synthetica" was shot using a roomful of Sony's new 4G smartphones.

Metric shot their latest music video with the help of an audience full of Xperia Ion phones. Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

More companies seem to be discovering that crowdsourcing is more than just a cheap way to have other people do your work for you, it's a cheap and potentially cool way. Or so the conversation likely went with Sony's marketing folks when they came up with the idea to demo the HD camera on the Sony Xperia Ion smartphone by creating a music video entirely from footage shot by a crowd full of the phones.

Sony got Metric, one of the bands signed to its recording label, to perform in a hotel penthouse and handed out 25 of the company's new LTE phones for the audience to film the one-take performance.

The resulting footage was then handed over to director Chris Lenox Smith to edit into a music video. After what Smith himself described as "lots of post production," the result is the below three-minute video for the band's song "Synthetica." Scroll further down to see the behind the scenes of how the video was shot.

Ironically, the effect of the crowd-shoot is much more "realistica." In the making of footage below, you can see how Smith and his team were able to grab some of the interesting shots from the phones, including rigging up a three-in-one system to attempt to create a handheld panoramic effect.