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Sony firms up Alpha A700 firmware

Sony bolsters sharpening and noise reduction, updates software.

Sony just released a firmware update for early models of the Alpha DSLR-A700--to version 2.x from firmware version 1.x--well as updates for the Image Data Converter and Image Data Lightbox bundled software applications. If your current firmware version is 2.x, you're already covered. To find the magic info, press Menu & Display together to check.

According to Sony, "The camera firmware update improves image sharpness and reduces noise under certain circumstances. It also improves flash control at very short distances with non-ADI control lenses. The updates for the bundled software applications correct the functioning of such features as image display and file type indication. These updates relate only to early production Firmware Ver.1 models, which were manufactured through early October. Firmware Ver.2 models already include this upgrade. Although these improvements are subtle, it is recommended that customers make the update to improve the camera and application software performance."

You can find the appropriate downloads here:

Windows Firmware
Mac Firmware
Windows Applications
Mac Applications

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