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Sony files patent for 'Smart Wig', high-tech hairpiece

The patent specifies that the wig will feature at least one sensor, and could be made of horse or yak hair.

Sony has filed a patent application for a 'SmartWig', a wearable mass of hair that could give you directions and deliver tactile feedback to your bonce -- all while aptly covering up those receding patches.

In its filing, Sony argues that a high-tech rug is the perfect vessel for a wearable computer interface, as the head is more naturally sensitive than, say, a person's hand or foot.

"The fact that users instinctively protect their heads more than other body parts" is another plus, Sony argues, as it could deploy more sensitive sensors with less risk of the delicate tech being damaged.

Sony details that the wig, which could play host to a GPS sensor, "may have a fancy or funny appearance", or could be inconspicuous. Sony notes that the definition of a wig shouldn't restrict the high-tech hairpiece to being made from just one type of hair, and could feature wool, feathers, yak or horse hair.

"The SmartWig integrates different types of computational functions within a wig", Sony explains, "leading to a smart and intelligent type of wig that has so far not been known." 

While Sony hasn't revealed any plans to actually start work on building the smart wig, getting the patent application filed means that Sony's executives can sleep easy, knowing that if rival tech companies try to steal their amazing idea, there'll be hell toupé.

Wearable technology is tipped to be the Next Big Thing in the world of technology -- hot on the heels of smart phones, which are fine, but there's no app to cover up a thinning pate.

So far we've been treated to smart watches from Samsung and Sony, and Google's Glass high-tech specs.

Would you wear a smart wig? Or is there another garment that should be filled with sensors and made to navigate roads? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.