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Sony extends photo frame line with 4:3 frames

Sony announces new 10-inch and 8-inch digital photo frames (models DPF-D100 and DPF-D80).


More digital photo frames for your holiday shopping pleasure. These two are from Sony and are the first of the company's frames to feature a 4:3 aspect ratio. That allows you to see more of your pictures, because chances are you're not shooting in 16:9, which is what the rest of Sony's lineup is designed for.

The new 10-inch and 8-inch digital photo frames (models DPF-D100 and DPF-D80) have high-quality SVGA resolution (800x600 pixels) LCD screens; advanced image processing; an auto orientation sensor (it lets you stand the frame vertically or horizontally without having to flip all your pictures); and support more than just Sony's proprietary Memory Stick flash media (SD, CF, xD, MMC, and Microdrive included).

The S-Frame models have 200MB of internal memory and will display images up to 48 megapixels or files that are up to 100MB. This makes even more sense when you learn that they support JPEGs and Sony's RAW formats--SRF, SR2, and ARW.

The DPF-D80 digital photo frame is now available for about $180, and the DPF-D100 model will be available in November for about $280 (it's available now for preorder on

Oh, and personally I really, really hate it when a company puts its brand on the frame. It's not a TV people. How'd you like it if I came to your house and wrote my name on your picture frame?