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Sony expects to sell 5M PlayStation 4s by March 2014

Sony hopes to sell 5 million PlayStation 4 game consoles by the end of this fiscal year, which ends on March 31 2014.

PlayStation 4
The PlayStation 4. Sony

TOKYO -- Sony has a sales target of 5 million PlayStation 4 game consoles by next March, Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House said a keynote Thursday during the Tokyo Game Show

March 31, 2014, marks the end of Sony's current fiscal year, and by then, the PS4 would have been launched in most major markets. The game console will be available in North America and Europe in November this year, parts of Asia in December, and finally in Japan in February.

Sony said in late August that 1 million preorders had already been placed. This number would have increased by now, and the combined sales from Japan and other Asia markets should contribute significantly in helping Sony reach this target.

The Microsoft Xbox One will also arrive in November but will be launched in fewer countries initially compared with the PS4. So far, 13 countries have gotten a firm November 22 release date, but details for Japan and other Asia markets have not been revealed.