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Sony EX640 LED TV series skips 3D but keeps Internet

Sony only announced three series of LED TVs at CES 2012, and two of them are 3D compatible. The EX640 series is the third.


LAS VEGAS--Despite the increasing ubiquity of the 3D feature, we get plenty of e-mail from people interested in "non-3D" TVs, or TVs that couldn't support 3D. In 2012 such TVs will be even rarer, but one will be the Sony EX640 series.

This relatively bare-bones LED TV lacks most of the other fancy step-ups of the higher-end HX750, such as local dimming, Monolithic styling and Gorilla Glass, but it does keep the Internet extras. Unfortunately, you'll need to either connect an Ethernet cable to the TV or invest in Sony's dongle since the EX640 lacks built-in Wi-Fi.

Sony offers similar Internet features as last year, with built-in Wi-Fi, a Skype option with optional camera/speakerphone, Yahoo apps, and of course access to the Sony Entertainment network. It won't work with the company's dedicated smartphone/tablet apps or handle DLNA, however.

Sony KDL-EX640 series features:

  • Edge-lit LED TV
  • Motionflow XR 240
  • Sony Entertainment Network and apps access

Sony KDL-EX640 series models:

  • KDL-55EX640 55-inch, available Q1, $TBD
  • KDL-46EX640 46-inch, available Q1, $TBD
  • KDL-40EX640 40-inch, available Q1, $TBD