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Sony Ericsson's pretty red camera phone

Sony Ericsson's C902 offers a sharp design and a high-powered camera. Yet, its photo quality could be just a bit better.

The C902 has a 5-megapixel camera Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

Sony Ericsson has never been one to shy away from the high-powered camera phone. Its Cyber-shot series, which includes the Sony Ericsson K850i that we reviewed earlier this year, offers a solid set of handsets that excell both at taking pictures and making calls. One of its newest Cyber-shot models in the series is the Sony Ericsson C902, which we just reviewed. Sony Ericsson introduced the C902 at the GSMA World Congress last February.

Though we've had to wait a long time to review it, the C902 is an appealing camera phone with a sleek design and a loaded feature set. Performance was respectable as well, though photo quality wasn't quite as good as we were expecting. It's not offered by a U.S. or Canadian carrier, so you must buy it unlocked in North America. It won't come particularly cheap--Sony Ericsson lists it for $549, but online retailers sell it for as low as $389. Check out our full C902 review and our slideshow.