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Sony Ericsson's portable speakers

Blare music from your Walkman phone with these tiny speakers.

Sony Ericsson MPS-70
Sony Ericsson MPS-70 CNET Networks

Sony Ericsson has always been good about accessorizing their admirable Walkman phone line. And while the company hasn't announced any such new products at CTIA, it is showing its latest options in music phone speakers. These tiny portable speakers are perfect for a weekend trip or a day at the park, as they do a decent job of making your music public. Of course, they lack the wattage of your home stereo, but they still can turn any event into a small party. The MPS-70 portable speaker system feature two cube-shaped speakers that attach easily to any Walkman phone. Almost identical to the company's previous MPS-60 speakers, the MPS-70s have the same basic form factor except that they come in gray and black instead of white and orange. They also feature an FM radio antenna if you'd rather catch tunes over the air. They should fetch a price in the $50 range.

Sony Ericsson MPS-75
Sony Ericsson MPS-75 Sony Ericsson

The company also also showed its MPS-75 speakers. Available in orange or gold, the MPS-75s are contained in one unit so you can't separate the them for stereo effect. The should also sell somewhere in the $50 range. And of course, both products work only with the Walkman phone proprietary connection.