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Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc HD incoming?

Sony Ericsson is prepping an HD-screen toting new smartphone, to add to its Xperia line-up, according to rumours.

There's a new Sony Ericsson phone incoming, and it's sporting an HD screen, according to rumours. Fittingly, it's currently known as the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc HD, or Nozomi, though either could be a working title.

GSM Arena received an anonymous tip about an upcoming flagship handset that'll have a 720p screen measuring 4.3-inches, which is similar in resolution to the screens seen on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the US-bound HTC Rezound. It will support Full HD video recording. Bring on the HD goodness.

It'll also be able to capture full resolution stills while recording video, so you won't have to interrupt your vids to capture great moments, according to the tipster.

This squares with previous rumours Sony Ericsson is preparing a dual-core handset for the beginning of 2012. A dual-core processor would be needed to handle stills and video at the same time.

Other details are scarce, but seeing as 720p is the native resolution for Android Ice Cream Sandwich, it would make sense for the Arc HD to come packing that version of Android. According to The Inquirer, the Xperia Arc HD (or Nozomi) will come with Android Gingerbread that'll be upgradeable to ICS soon after. The site also claims the phone has an ARMv7 processor, along with 691MB of RAM.

Sony recently bought out the Ericsson part, giving it greater control of its mobile division and helping mount a more staunch challenge to the iPhone.

Would you like to see an HD Sony Ericsson handset? We're banking on a February launch at Mobile World Congress -- let us know if you agree on our Facebook page.