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Sony Ericsson W910i: You've got to shake it to make it

New music phone has some tricks up its sleeve.

Crave UK

Walkman fans rejoice--Sony Ericsson has just launched an absolute peach of a music phone called the W910i on the U.K. market. It's thin, it's light and it has one of the largest displays we've seen on a Walkman phone so far.

Better still, the W910i has HSDPA (3.5G), so you can download content and browse the Web at speeds of up to 1.8Mbps, and a Memory Stick Micro slot that will support up to 4GB of data.

But that's not all--the W910i has a few tricks still left up its sleeve, including a motion sensor that detects which way you're holding it up and then automatically changes the screen's layout from portrait to landscape, and also lets you change tracks.

"Shake control," as Sony Ericsson has termed it, works by holding down the Walkman key and then by shaking the W910i, you can shuffle forward and backward through your music. It is a total gimmick, but at least it works like it's supposed to.

We do have a few issues with the W910i, including the 2-megapixel camera on the back, which we think is below par for a cutting-edge phone, and the lack of a built-in 3.5mm headphone jack--something we hope to see become standard on Walkman phones soon. Expect a full review on the W910i soon but, until then, click here for more photos.

(Source: Crave UK)