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Sony Ericsson W300i: Robbie Williams' Walkman

The Sony Ericsson W300i is the same as the Z530i, except this version features Sony's Walkman software and a 256MB memory card

Unless you're a fugitive hiding out in a forest or mountain range you've probably noticed adverts for the Sony Ericsson W300i dotted around the country -- with Robbie Williams' face next to them.

The W300i is the Walkman version of the Sony Ericsson Z530i and features almost identical specs, however Robbie Williams is in the advert for a reason. T-Mobile has teamed up with Sony Ericsson to produce the special edition W300i that features Robbie Williams covers and content.

The W300i Sony Walkman comes with Sony's music player software, an expandable Memory Stick Micro slot and a 256MB (M2) card included. It also has a cool orange dedicated music button on the left side of the phone that lets you play and pause tracks and control the volume. For more specs here's a link to our previous post on the W300i.

We're still not overjoyed with the fish scale-like keys on the keypad, or the large hinge that also featured on the Z530i, but for the price it's not a bad deal at all. You can get the W300i Walkman phone, that also features quad band, infrared, Bluetooth and WAP browser, for £130 on pay as you go and free on monthly contract. Don't worry if you're not a Robbie fan you can also get the standard W300i without any Robbie styling. Expect a full review soon -AL

Update: A full review of the Sony Ericsson W300i is now live in our Reviews channel.