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Sony Ericsson unveils motion-sensitive headphones

The rumour mill chalks up another point for getting it right again, as Sony Ericsson unveils its latest audio innovation: motion-activated earphones.

The rumour mill chalks up another point for getting it right again.

(Credit: Sony Ericsson)

Sony Ericsson has just announced what it claims to be the world's first motion-activated headphones, the MH907. Plugging in the pair of ear buds starts music playback automatically, while removing one of them will pause the track. For example, if you are listening to You belong with me by Taylor Swift (I'm sorry, but Beyonce did have one of the greatest videos of all time) and someone interrupts you, removing an ear bud will temporarily stop music playback so you don't need to press the Pause button on the headset or phone.

While this is far from revolutionary, it does provide some convenience. So this may turn out to be very intuitive (we'll have to find out more when we get our hands on a unit). How Sony Ericsson achieves this is apparently via capacitive sensing technology, ie, it makes use of your skin (ears in this case) as an electrical conduit. Aside from music playback, you can do the same actions for answering and ending calls.

The MH907 works with most Sony Ericsson handsets with a Fast Port connector and comes in Yellow/White and Titan Chrome shades. No word yet on when it will hit the markets.