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Sony Ericsson T700 Rouge: Comes with make-up

O2 has partnered with Benefit to give away a selection of make-up with the Sony Ericsson T700 Rouge edition, a red and gold handset for the ladeez

Here at Crave, we love women, to the point that one of us actually is a woman. We reckon that makes us uniquely qualified to know exactly what goes on in those pretty little heads, and we're guessing that all you ladies will be totally like "OMG!" at O2's launch of the 'Rouge' special edition of the Sony Ericsson T700, complete with free Benefit make-up samples. 

The sexual politics of technology manufacturers aside -- hey, at least it's not pink --  let's have a look at the specs. Girls may want to skip to the next paragraph, the one with the make-up in. The T700 packs a 51mm (2-inch) screen, a music player with FM radio, and a 3.2-megapixel camera with geotagging. There's a self-portrait mirror, which presumably will come in handy for checking your make-up. A 512MB Memory Stick is included, which can be expanded to up to 8GB.

When you buy the red and gold-coloured Rouge edition you'll get £35 of free make-up, consisting of Benefit Full Finish lipstick and Thrrrob, a face powder that promises to "turn on the flush, turn up the rush". Ah, buy a phone, simulate sexual arousal, we see. Hang on, no we don't.

The T700 is also available in black and silver, for boys. According to O2, the T700 "looks just as comfortable on a table in the pub as it does in a Gucci handbag". Good to know.

If you buy a T700 Rouge before 31 May you could win one of five Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watches, rather like this one. You can give it to your boyfriend, he'll like that. What's that? Don't have a boyfriend? Then you're a failure as a woman, and you'll have to try for one of five £150 Benefit goodie bags so you can trowel on the slap and get out there to rectify the situation.