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Sony Ericsson spills more details on Ice Cream Sandwich updates

The handset maker provides a time frame as to when we might expect Android 4.0 for the 2011 Xperia line.

Sony Ericsson provides a timeline as to when to expect Android 4.0 on various Xperia handsets. Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson, after already promising Ice Cream Sandwich for the 2011 Xperia lineup, provided new details today for exactly how the software update will happen.

Specifically, the company's blog posted a timeline as to when various models will get the Android 4.0 update. And as we might have expected all along, the newer releases like the Xperia Arc S and Xperia Ray will see the update before older devices such as the Xperia Arc and Xperia Play.

The first batch, which includes the Arc S, Xperia Neo V, and Ray will get the update beginning in late March. Soon after, from the end April to early May, the Arc, Play, Xperia Neo, Xperia Mini and Mini Pro, Xperia Pro, Xperia Active, and Sony Ericsson Live will get their upgrades.

On the blog post, the company also briefly outlined the update process and broke it into a number of stages. Much like Motorola indicated on its blog, there's plenty of building, testing, and adapting to carrier requirements before deploying to consumers. Also, like what Samsung recently advised for its devices, some will see the Android 4.0 update before others.

The exact time frame largely hinges on wireless providers and could vary by days or even weeks. Fortunately, there are not many Xperia products tied to carriers here in the United States, as most are only available unlocked.