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Sony Ericsson Satio clears FCC

Crave gives you the details on recent cell phone filings with the FCC.

Sony Ericsson Satio Kent German/CNET

It's Sony Ericsson's turn in the FCC spotlight this week as the company's Satio and T715 get the official government approval. Because the Federal Communications Commission has to certify every phone sold in the United States, not to mention test its SAR rating, the agency's online database offers a lot of sneak peeks to those who dig. And to save you the trouble, Crave has combed through the database for you. Here are a selection of filings from the past week on new and upcoming cell phones. Click through to read the full report.

Huawei M750
LG L-02B
LG LX610
LG VM101

Nokia E72
Samsung GT-M3310
Samsung SCH-B619
Samsung SPH-M850
Sanyo W63SA
Sharp SH-08A
Sony Ericsson Satio
Sony Ericsson T715