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Sony Ericsson Naite taps the green dream

Sony Ericsson's Naite is from its green-tinged GreenHeart range of phones, and promises to cut 15 per cent of the CO2 cost of a similar small phone from last year's range

The first phone from Sony Ericsson's GreenHeart range is hitting the shelves at O2. The saviour of hippies everywhere is called the Sony Ericsson Naite -- it's pronounced nay-tee, according to Son Eric, and isn't named after the best hair in geekdom.

The Naite hopes to salve our green guilt by cutting the CO2 required to make the phone. A great chunk of that saving comes from cutting out the paper manual and putting an e-manual on the phone instead, which saves 90 per cent of the dead trees used for the phone. Sony Ericsson previously told us the manual is responsible for 15 per cent of a phone's carbon footprint, and we think no one reads the damn things anyway.

The Naite has a 2-megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, an FM radio and a memory-card slot with room for up to 8GB. It's made from recycled and 'recyclable' plastics (ahem), and comes with a low power-consumption charger and reduced packaging.

It'll also come with a choice of a freebie, including a solar-powered charger, family Eco days out and organic food hampers, or giving a donation to charity.

The Sony Ericsson Naite will cost you £97.86 on pay as you go and from free on a £19.58-per-month, 18-month contract.