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Sony Ericsson Music Edition MBW-150 Bluetooth watch

Sony Ericsson's brand new Bluetooth watch connects to your phone wirelessly and boasts vibrating alert, a small display that pops up incoming caller details and cool music features

There's nothing more annoying than the phantom mobile phone call. There you are, minding your own business, when suddenly you feel your leg vibrate and you're sure your phone is ringing, but when you take it out of your pocket, it's not.

One solution is Sony Ericsson's latest Bluetooth watch -- it vibrates unmistakeably when you receive a call, and displays the caller's number. It even alerts you when you get a text message.

We had a go a while back with another Bluetooth watch, but the advantage the MBW-150 has is that you can use it to control a Walkman phone's music player.

On the side of the MBW-150 there are dedicated music keys which let you search through tracks and pause or play them. The watch also pops up track information on its display so you can see what's playing.

The advantage of being able to do all these things from your watch -- apart from looking like James frickin' Bond -- is that you can keep your phone in your bag or pocket, without needing to take it out all the time. But be prepared to fork out a not-so-cheap £200 for it.

Update: A full review is now available on the site. - Andrew lim