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Sony Ericsson launches Media Go

Sony Ericsson's Media Go service transfers media files between your cell phone and computer.

At the start of the GSMA World Congress on Sunday night, Sony Ericsson announced Media Go, a new service for transferring media files between your computer and your Sony Ericsson cell phone.

Premiering on the new W995 Walkman phone, Media Go will offer a number of services for the media-minded. Primarily, you can use it to transfer music, videos, photos, and podcasts to your phone through a USB cable.

You'll also be able to sync your phone's music library automatically, subscribe to podcasts, and auto-convert files for the best-quality playback. Once you've downloaded your media, you can use Media Go to organize your files on your handset and use the Sense Me feature to sort music by mood or tempo.

Media Go will launch in all markets that get the W995 and will include support for 15 languages. We're not sure yet whether Media Go will completely replace Sony Ericsson's PC Suite software, but we'll find out. Also, we're curious as to whether Media Go will eventually launch on all Walkman and Cyber-shot handsets. We'll report back when we have more details.