Sony Ericsson debuts T303 slider

A pocket-sized phone targeted at the fashion-conscious crowd.

Crave Asia

The Japanese-Swedish phone maker today unveiled the T303, a pocket-sized slider targeted at the fashion-conscious crowd. There haven't been many new models under the T series, with the more recent ones such as the T280i, T650i, and the T250i in candybar forms. So the slider T303 is a tiny surprise.

The various Sony Ericsson lines may be confusing for the average consumer on the street. Let's do a recap: In addition to the T, there's W (Walkman), C (Cyber-shot), G (Web), R (Radio), and X (XPERIA). Then there are the K and P series, for which have yet to receive any updates. According to a Sony Ericsson representative, future handsets made from premium materials and those that focus more on the design element will come under the T umbrella.

While features such as a 1.3-megapixel camera, built-in radio and Bluetooth connectivity on the T303 are nothing to brag about, the quad-band handset may attract some people with its metal housing and chrome finish. The T303 is expected out in July and comes in Shadow Black and Simmering Silver colors. Pricing details were not available immediately.

(Source: Crave Asia)