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Sony Ericsson C702: Geotagging your mobile pics

If you want to geotag your pics so that you can show off all your drunken nights spent in Shoreditch, then the Sony Ericsson C702 might be the phone for you

If you're the kind of person who enjoys taking pictures of your mates when they least expect it, then a camera phone is always a good way to go. Sony Ericsson recently announced a beast of a camera phone called the C905, boasting an impressive 8-megapixel camera, but there's a less bulky alternative to fit in your skinny jeans.

The Sony Ericsson C702 is a 3.2-megapixel camera with autofocus and dual LED photo lights. We've been playing around with it this morning and our initial impressions are fairly good. The camera is protected by a sliding cover, which also turns the snapper on when slid open. Taking pictures is made easy using a dedicated shutter button and the quality of pictures seems good.

Our main concern so far is that compared to the better-specced C905, the C702 only comes with LED dual photo lights instead of a xenon flash. Your low-light, clubbing shots might suffer. But the C702 does have a trick up its sleeve in the form of GPS, which means you can geotag pictures, as well as use navigation software on it -- a feature lacking on past Sony Ericsson camera phones.

It performs well as a phone, too. The keypad is small but we found it okay for dialling and texting. The screen is large and can hold its own as a viewfinder. One thing we did find odd is how difficult it is to open the battery cover, which might have been an issue with our review model, but you might want to try before you buy. The C702 is available now for free on a monthly contract. Expect a full review soon. -Andrew Lim

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