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Sony drops PlayStation 2 from its repair roster

Old consoles never die, they just run out of replacement parts.


With an integrated DVD player, the PS2 helped make the game console the centerpiece of the living-room entertainment system.

Sony has finally pulled the plug on the 18-year-old PlayStation 2 console. Production was discontinued in 2013, but Sony just ceased repairs for them last week.

The company posted a termination notice on its Japanese PS2 repair site (Google Translate version), saying, "We have finished accepting after-sales service."

According to the BBC, Sony started running out of the parts necessary to fix the console. While there are still third-party services that might help you eke a few years more out of your vintage unit, eventually they too will have to surrender to the inevitable.

The PS2 is arguably the biggest-selling console of all time, with over 150 million units populating the planet. The announcement comes after Sony officially celebrated its 500 millionth PlayStation console with a translucent limited-edition PlayStation 4 Pro and matching accessories.

Nostalgia aside, Sony is currently facing rumblings of discontent from gamers over its unwillingness to support cross play with other gaming platforms.

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