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Sony camera promo give kids reason to smile

Consumer electronics company says it will donate $100,000 to global charity Operation Smile.

It's nice to know buying a camera can do some good in the world--besides chronicling your latest party or taking dramatic close-ups for your MySpace profile, of course.

Sony Cyber-shot

As part of a retail promotion for Sony Cyber-shot digital cameras featuring Smile Shutter technology, the company says it will donate $100,000 to global charity Operation Smile, which provides free physical exams and reconstructive surgeries for children suffering from cleft lips, cleft palates, and other facial deformities. The promotion starts Friday.

Sony is also donating Cyber-shot digicams to more than 30 mission sites around the world so volunteers can record kids' smiles post-procedure. Cameras with Sony's Smile Shutter technology automatically capture a smile when the feature is activated, without the photographer having to press the shutter button. The feature is aimed at producing shots with natural-looking smiles and expressions.