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Sony Bravia W5810 and Z5800 TVs: Rockin' in the freesat

Fresh from the ovens of IFA, Sony has served up two new Bravia tellies that come with built-in freesat receivers. Behold the W5810 and Z5800!

Back in June, Panasonic smacked us upside the head with its Viera TH-42PZ81 -- the first TV to come with a built-in freesat receiver. Fast forward to this very day, and Sony's done exactly the same thing, this time with the brand-new Bravia W5810 and Z5800 ranges, fresh from the ovens of IFA.

How Sony's managed to cram the electronics from a dirty great set-top box into a range of svelte-looking tellies is shrouded in mystery, but it means those among you with a satellite dish can access over 140 freesat TV and radio channels -- including BBC HD and ITV HD -- directly through your telly box.

The Bravia W5810 and Z5800 ranges are stuffed with other features to float your televisual wagon. Both pack integrated digital TV tuners so you can watch Freeview if your dish is broken, both are 'Full HD' 1080p compliant, have 24p True Cinema modes, a 100,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and, in the case of the W5810, 100Hz blur reduction.

If you really want to lap the Joneses, you're better off with the Z5800 range. This has a butter-smooth 200Hz mode and a wide colour gamut-CCFL screen that should make your neighbours look like tramps. It also packs an energy-saving feature that reduces the screen brightness according to ambient light levels, and an auto shut-off feature that puts the telly on standby if it thinks you've fallen asleep, due to not having used the remote in a while.

Both ranges can play music photos and video files directly off USB memory keys, both have four HDMI inputs, two Scarts, and the PS3-esque graphical user interface that is Xcross Media Bar. The W5810 range is available in 32-, 37-, 40-, 46- and 52-inch sizes, while the big daddy Z5800 represents via 40-, 46- and 52-inch models.

Prices are TBC, but you can bet your backside we'll bring you more details and a thorough eyes-on analysis in the near future.